Weekend with Yoga in the Chochołowska Valley

Once again, I invite you to the “Regenerating, Strengthening, Relaxing Weekend with Yoga in the Chochołowska Valley – simply a retreat!” which will take place from July 13th to 15th, 2018.

We start on Friday evening with tranquil “mindfulness yoga,” easing restless minds, calming the breath and fortifying bodies with Svastha Yoga principles (A.G. Mohan & Indra Mohan).
On Saturday morning, we’ll get up a little earlier to work on our muscles, mainly focusing on the leg muscles. priming us for a hearty breakfast at “Leśniczówka” before heading to the mountains to conquer one of the peaks of the Tatra mountains. We’’ll sit on the ridge and once again immerse ourselves in our breath. “Pranayama” (breath exercises) calms the heartbeat and oxygenates the brain.
After the excursion, we’ll take a well-deserved rest and in the evening, while relaxing and gently stretching our muscles, we’ll return to the gentle “mindfulness yoga.”
On Sunday morning, we start the session with sun salutations, and then we will take a closer look at inverted positions and different variations of headstands. Finally, I will show you some hidden corners of the Chochołowska Valley, where I have lived since childhood. The meadows and forests of this area are beautiful in every season, come rain or shine!

You return home on Sunday around 14:00, rejuvenated, strengthened, and relaxed.

Throughout the weekend, we will be staying at “Leśniczówka,” and vegetarian meals will be prepared for us by Bartek Klimecki at “Ziębówka.”


“Leśniczówka u Zięby” and “Ziębówka”