The Surroundings

The meadows and fields surrounding “Leśniczówka” need no advertising. In spring, the meadows of the Chochołowska Valley are carpeted with crocuses, while summer paints an even more vibrant tapestry. In autumn, “singing” bulls and large bears roam there, and in winter, we and our guests go cross-country skiing or ski-touring, contemplating the beauty of this extraordinary area.

As Ludwik Zejszner, one of the first tourists in the western part of the Tatras, wrote in 1849: “Chochołowska is magnificent and immense; it amazes and fascinates, and a person sees their own insignificance in the face of these forces of nature.”

Local Attractions


Witów – 4 km
Polana Biały Potok – 2 km
Szymoszkowa – 9 km
Kasprowy Wierch – 12 km


Chochołowska Valley – you’re here
Lejowa Valley – 500 m
Kościeliska Valley – 2 km

Swimming Pools

Termy Chochołowskie – 7 km
Orawice, Slovakia – 25 km
Aquapark Zakopane – 7 km

Worth Seeing

Chochołów – the oldest village
in Podhale – 10 km