Leśniczówka u Zięby, przytulny pokój nr 2, Dolina Chochołowska
Max 2 ppl.
17 m2
1 large bed
1 single bed

Room No. 2

2-person room

Welcome to Room No. 2, located on the first floor of “Leśniczówka.” This bright and spacious double room features both a double and a single bed, along with a convenient ensuite bathroom.

The windows offer breathtaking views of the glade, forest, and iconic peaks such as Giewont, the Czerwone Wierchy massif and Kominiarski Wierch. The last is a protected nesting site of animal predators and is inaccessible to tourists as it is under strict protection.

Inside Room No. 2, you’ll find an antique, charming, creaking wooden floor. The unique ambiance is complemented by a handwoven Persian Beluch kilim from southern Iran, vintage lamps found in a flea market in Holland and delightful plant graphics sourced from Krakow. A truly unforgettable stay awaits you in this enchanting space.

Room facilities:

17 m2 with slopes



2 Bedrooms:

1 large bed 120 cm

1 single bed 90 cm


Toiletry set


Towels (we are eco-friendly: we don't change towels daily, only at your request)

Our merits:

Eco friendly:




Bike rental:


Important information:


Price from 180 PLN per night

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