Leśniczówka u Zieby Offer

Discover a world of excitement with us! For offers, events, and activities, just ask at reception. Our amazing manager Agnieszka, a “one-woman orchestra,” will make the impossible possible. Whether it’s a stay, workshop, sleigh ride, or bonfire, she’ll help you find the perfect date. Her expertise shines in organising weddings, tailoring each proposal to the couple’s unique needs.

Restauracja Ziębówka Witów koło Zakopanego

For Guests of Leśniczówka - 10% Discount ZIĘBÓWKA RESTAURANT

Just 50 meters away from "Leśniczówka," our second restaurant, "Ziębówka," offers a 10% discount to guests staying at "Leśniczówka" on dishes from the traditional and seasonal menu.

Leśniczówka u Zięby WEDDINGS

We'll attend to every detail of your special day, making it beautiful, delicious, and exceptional, just as you wish!

Galeria Persja w Ziębówce Witów koło Zakopanego

For Guests of Leśniczówka - 5% Discount PERSIA GALLERY

If you fall in love with a unique Persian carpet, a hand-knotted rug, or any other decor item during your stay at "Leśniczówka," visit our nearby Gallery located in "Ziębówka." Admire or buy, and while you're at it, try our delicious raspberries with crumble and ice cream!

Warsztaty w Leśniczówce k. Zakopanego

Leśniczówka u Zięby WORKSHOPS

Come rain or shine, "Leśniczówka" is the ideal venue for workshops! From yoga to dance, ballet, psychodrama, sewing, and singing, we've hosted them all. We organise yoga workshops ourselves and welcome collaborations for other initiatives. Let's bring your workshop ideas to life together! 🙂

Leśniczówka u Zięby SLEIGH RIDES

“Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s off to sleigh we go!!!" Experience the best sleigh ride in Chochołowska with our help. We'll plan your unforgettable adventure and connect you with Kazek, our skilled coachman. Let the magical journey begin!

Leśniczówka u Zięby BONFIRES

In our spacious garden, bonfires light up the evenings. We'll prepare them for you, your friends, or your loved ones.

Zajęcia jogi indywidualnie w Ziębówce, Witów k. Zakopanego

Individual Yoga at LeśniczówkaYOGA

At "Leśniczówka," enjoy individual or group yoga sessions. Strengthening, rejuvenation, relaxation and lots of laughter guaranteed 🙂

For Guests of Leśniczówka - 10% Discount CHOCHOŁOWSKIE TERMY

(Chochołowskie Thermal Baths)
We are partners with Chochołowskie Termy. Guests of Leśniczówka enjoy a discount at the thermal baths.


Tatra National Park
If you’re going for a hike in the mountains, skiing, or ski touring, be sure to check out the Tatra National Park website. You’ll find valuable tourist information and many other mountain and nature-related details.
Witkacy Theatre
This theatre needs no advertising :). We’re lucky to be close to it. Check out the repertoire. There’s always a lot happening, and it’s great fun!
Tatra Museum
If you decide to visit Zakopane during your stay at “Leśniczówka,” be sure to visit the Tatra Museum. We particularly recommend its two branches: “Willa Koliba, or the Museum of Zakopane Style” and the “Art Gallery in Willa Oksza.”