Menu - Leśniczówka
u Zięby Restaurant

Between 08:00 and 10:00, we serve a breakfast buffet with local and fresh products.
Start your day with your favourite breakfast!
The kitchen is open until 20:00.

For guests of Leśniczówka, a 10% discount applies.


Traditional Podhale bundz cheese salad with vinaigrette dressing – 30 PLN

Herring with egg in creamy sauce – 20 PLN

Hot oscypek (smoked cheese) with homemade cranberry jam and pear – 22 PLN

Main Courses

Legendary pork schnitzel with potatoes and sautéed cabbage – 45 PLN

Locally-sourced lamb from Ciche, stewed with vegetables, served with potatoes and a selection of delicious salads – 55 PLN

Pork tenderloin in vegetable sauce with rosemary and dried mushrooms, served with buckwheat groats and yogurt with herbs – 45 PLN

Chicken stewed in cream-wine sauce with leek and thyme, served with buckwheat groats and tomato salad – 42 PLN

Potato pancake with goulash, sprinkled with mature cheese – 45 PLN

Breaded pork escalopes with potatoes, coleslaw – 40 PLN
Locally-sourced trout from Sitarz with almond coating, served with homemade cranberry jam, horseradish, potatoes, and a selection of salads – 48 PLN

“Rzepa mascono skwarkami” (traditional dish with turnip and pork scratchings), served with homemade sour milk and herbs – 25 PLN
“Leśniczówka” pierogi with meat, sprinkled with pork scratchings – 38 PLN


Baked fruits sprinkled with oat crumble, served with vanilla ice cream – 25 PLN

Apple pie – 17 PLN

Ice cream – 17 PLN


Chicken broth with noodles – 18 PLN

Soup made from “prawdziwki” (porcini) mushrooms with dumplings – 25 PLN

Sauerkraut soup with smoked ribs – 22 PLN

Homemade żur (sour rye soup) with delicious sausage and egg – 22 PLN

Serwatka (traditional mountain soup) – 18 PLN

Beetroot soup (barszcz) pickled in “Leśniczówka” with a croquette – 25 PLN

“Leśniczówka”: Where restful sleep, delightful dining, and pure Enjoyment await!

Vegetarian Dishes

“Leśniczówka” pierogi with cottage cheese, served with celery salad, sprinkled with pork scratchings or fried onions – 36 PLN

“Leśniczówka” pierogi with blueberries – 36 PLN

Potato pancakes with sauce made from “prawdziwki”(porcini) mushrooms – 38 PLN

Buckwheat groats with vegetable sauce and delicious yogurt with herbs – 34 PLN

Crepes with cheese – 28 PLN