Dolina Chochołowska - oferta pokoi - Leśniczówka u Zięby
Max 7 ppl.
60 m2
3 large beds
1 single bed


7-person studio

The studio on the first floor of “Leśniczówka” is a perfect space for large families or groups of friends.

It features 3 cosy bedrooms and a shared relaxation area. The first bedroom has 1 double and 1 single bed, while the other two bedrooms each offer 1 double bed. The spacious bathroom includes 2 sinks for adults, 1 for children, two toilets, and two showers.

From the bathroom and one of the bedrooms, you can enjoy the view of our garden and the surrounding forest. On the other side, the windows overlook the serene stream, where mornings are filled with the delightful songs of tits, jays, thrushes, and wagtails.

A harmonious and welcoming retreat awaits you in the studio.

Room facilities:

60 m2 with slopes



First bedroom:

1 large bed 120 cm

1 single bed 90 cm

Second bedroom:

1 large bed (2 x 90 cm connected)

Third bedroom:

1 large bed 140 cm

2 showers

Toiletry set


Towels (we are eco-friendly: we don't change towels daily, only at your request)

Our merits:

Eco friendly:




Bike rental:


Important information:


Price from 540 PLN per night

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