Workshop: Return to Yourself - Meditation, Mindfulness, Breathing

I remember going for a walk with my daughter, and at one point, she asked me, ‘Mommy, why are we in such a rush? Do you have a meeting at the end or something?’ We were walking quite fast (she was almost running) – to tick it off the list of goals for the day.

That was one of my many lessons in mindfulness, savouring the present moment, and understanding what truly matters. (After all, I went for a walk with my daughter and why do we go for walks?)

And since then, my journey of returning to myself began, understanding that less means more, that being mindful means being happy, calm and connected to the source.

I invite you to a unique workshop:


These three techniques will help you foster a good connection with yourself and prepare for winter.


In this part, you will learn the basics of meditation, visualisation, and working with the mind.
You will experience meditations in motion and in nature.


Harness the power of Mother Nature to bolster mindfulness.
We’ll hone the art of attuning to our bodies and thoughts.
Mindful living amplifies awareness, fostering acceptance and the grace to respond to life’s rhythms in harmony with ourselves.


You will learn breathing techniques that will help you cope with stress, calm your mind, sleep better, and wake up refreshed.
Breath is, in my opinion, the most crucial technique for controlling the nervous system and promoting regeneration (besides sleep).

The program also includes:

You will also learn:

You will also learn:

  • How to manage your thoughts to free yourself from their excesses.
  • How to be more mindful in everyday activities, observe the world and yourself with compassion and acceptance.
  • How to better cope with stress and unexpected situations.

Join a workshop that enriches the mind-body connection and revitalises through diverse techniques. Amid Podhale’s welcoming embrace, nestled by the Tatra Mountains, you’ll harmonise with your inner vitality.

The workshop will take place on the weekend of November 19-21 in Witów near Zakopane, at the entrance to the Chochołowska Valley.