Spring Yoga Course for Beginners

I warmly invite you to the spring yoga course for beginners. We meet every Monday in the atmospheric hall of Ziębówka, and when the weather allows, we practice outside on the meadow. We work with the unique method of Svastha Yoga, which aims to cultivate balance in both body and mind not only when you are on the mat but also when you step off it and return to your daily life.
During each session, we focus on integrating movement with breath, strengthening our bodies, doing gentle stretches, and relaxing. I will also introduce you to rejuvenating breathing techniques and meditation practices. My wish is for you to be able to enjoy the benefits of yoga in your daily life after 2 months of this course, even beyond the walls of Ziębówka.

My name is Karolina Zięba, and as you may have guessed, I am your yoga instructor. I teach in a style that emphasises individualised and balanced practice. The most important thing for me is that each individual practices for themselves, at their own pace, in harmony with their body and state of mind.

With an 11-year yoga journey, I’ve honed my practice across diverse locations: from Poland and the Czech Republic to Nepal, India, and Iran. A pivotal chapter unfolded in Bali, where I fulfilled a cherished aspiration by completing the Svastha Yoga of Krischnamacharya Teacher Training Program (Yoga Alliance RYS 200) under Dr. Ganesha Mohana’s guidance.

I conduct classes in small groups because I believe that this approach is the most beneficial. By education, passion, and heart, I am an orientalist specialising in Iranian studies.


  1. We meet regularly on Mondays for 1.5 hours at 18:00.
  2. We follow a well-planned program, gradually learning about our bodies and exploring our individual capabilities in a close-knit group setting.
  3. The level of the classes is adjusted to the students’ abilities and modified according to their needs.
  4. After 2 months, you will have a solid foundation, allowing you to continue practicing on your own, or perhaps we will decide to continue practicing together at Ziębówka – we’ll decide later 🙂
  5. There is space on the mat for silence and focus, as well as for laughter and relaxation.

In the Program:

  1. BASIC ASANAS – learning yoga postures and their variations.
  2. INTRODUCTION TO PRANAYAMA – learning proper breathing techniques and the basics of breath control.
  3. CONCENTRATION TECHNIQUES – simple techniques to improve concentration and some exercises in basic mindfulness.
  4. WORKING WITH BANDHAS – learning about bandhas, how to use them, and applying them mindfully in asanas and sometimes in life.
  5. THEORY SESSION – a concise overview of yoga theory. We’ll ask questions and seek answers together.

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for beginners as well as for those who want to deepen their existing practice, enjoy movement, working with the body, and engaging in activities such as hiking in the mountains.