A magical place in the heart of Tatra Mountains.
Forest, murmuring stream, calmness.
The scent of good coffee and traditional cuisine candlelight atmosphere in the surroundings of old-age items.


we organize small receptions, weddings, vernissages, bonfires, sleigh rides and events with highland music played in the background.

We can customize everything at guest’s request.

Bonefires in th egarden (minimum 20 people )

Grilled sausages , highland tea or beer 25 zl/person

Grilled sausages, bigos ( traditional stewed dish made of sauerkraut or fresh cabbage, meat and mushrooms ) highland tea or beer 30 zl/person

Mutton cooked in cauldron, baked potatoes with bacon and onion, highland tea or beer 40 zl/person

Grilled sausages ,mutton cooked in cauldron, baked potatoes with bacon and onion, highland tea or beer 50 zl/ person

Roast muton ( for about 20 people ) c. 1000 zł

Roast suckling pig ( for about 20 people ) c. 1000 zł

Roast ham ( for about 10 people) c. 400 zł

Highland tea ( 1.69 fl. oz spirit )

Mulled wine 10zł/person

Sleigh ride

From „Leśniczówka„ to mountain hostel in Chocholowska Valley and a ride back ( c. 2 hours ) 250 zł/ one sleigh

From „Leśniczówka„ to Huciska Glade and a ride back ( c. 1 hour) 150 zł/ one sleigh

A sleigh ride to Chocholowska Valley ( c. 30 min ) 100 zł/ one sleigh

Dinner at the restaurant ( one of the proposals ) 45zł/ person

grilled oscypek with bacon

highland sauerkraut soup/ żurek (soup made from fermented rye flour) / Polish whey soup

potato pancake served with stew & sour cream

a ring-shaped raised cheese cake / apple pie

coffee, tea, juice

Delicacy from Ptoś 25zł/ person

farmhouse bread

lard with pork scratchings

home-made susage

Bundz-ewe’s milk cheese made in the Tatra Mountains

smoked ewe’s milk cheese made in the Tatra Mountains


Moskol with garlic butter ( pancake made of boiled potatoes with flour and spices served with garlic butter)

live highland music 600 zł/ 3 hours

a dancing couple 200 zł/ 3 hours

Tax is included in all prices