Chocholowska Valley


"W Chochołowskiej - wszystko jest wspaniałe i olbrzymie:
zadziwia ona i wprawia w omamienie, a człowiek
widzi swą małość w obliczu tych potęg przyrody"

Ludwig Zajszner 


The biggest and one of the most beautiful Polish valleys in Tatras. It is a perfect place for mountain trips. Over the Chocholowska Valley rises the highest peak of Western Tatras -Starorobociański Peak ( 2176 m above sea level ). The positive aspects of flora and fauna, geological features make Chocholowska Valley an invaluable place for tourists, researchers and naturalists.



Chocholowska Valley it is a place that you can explore at any time of the year. In spring, summer and autumn you can explore it on foot, by mountain bike, by horse carriage or by tourist train. During winter you can try an unforgettable attraction which is a sleigh ride.

Each of this trip you should start at Zięba’s Leśniczówka, which is located at the beginning of the Chocholowska Valley.